3.30.19 | Indy Eleven VS Hartford Athletic

Last night Indy Eleven took three points in a 1-0 win against Hartford Athletic before a record setting crowd. My goal for the evening was to focus on getting some good shots of the fans.

What I’m really proud of is how quickly I was able to deliver these photos. At the end of the game I used my trial version of Photo Mechanic (will be buying) to cull through my photos, which I then made quick edits on in Lightroom. In about 45 minutes to an hour I was able to go through everything I shot on two different cameras and have 43 edited photos turned in. Looking forward to going back through with a more critical eye, but overall I’m pretty happy. These are my current favorites.

3.28.19 | 1557 N College Ave

Yesterday I did my first real estate shoot of the year, and honestly it’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these. Before going into the shoot I did a little bit of research on lighting for real estate, along with blending multiple exposures in Photoshop. In the past I’ve never even taken lighting with me. I started out with a Canon 60D with a 50mm lens (oh my god!), which obviously yielded terrible results because a wide angle lens is pretty critical for capturing good interior shots. Eventually I got to the point where I started incorporating HDR into my real estate shoots, along with a full frame camera and a wide angle lens. But man, I am still learning.

At the shoot I played around with some on camera flash, but not as much as I had hoped. I brought an extra Canon Speedlite, along with some Pocket Wizards and couple light stands with me, but I didn’t end up using them. For about half of the photos I resorted back to using HDR, but whereas in the past I would combine five images, this time around I only combined 2-3 depending on the shot in hopes of the image not looking cartoonish, which is what HDR sometimes looks like to me. For some of these I combined ambient light with a flash shot, which worked alright I guess. These still aren’t as good as I’d like them to be, but they’re usable. I need to practice more, I need to build my confidence.

In the future I’d like to practice more with lighting and blending multiple exposures in Photoshop. Also, as simple as it seems, I think I need a tripod that is easier to move around. I was able to fix a lot of my lines in post, but they’re not as spot on as I would like to see them. They’re definitely better than what the client had before, I just hope it helps the house sell. Here are 10/22 photos I submitted.

3.12.19 | Eagle Creek Park

This winter, especially this past month, has been pretty rough for me. It’s been too cold to go out and shoot, or it’s dark when I leave work, or I just haven’t been feeling well. So I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it’s beginning to get warmer outside and the days are growing longer and longer. Yesterday I was able to go out to Eagle Creek Park to shoot for about an hour, and this is what I ended up with. It’s been a while since I shot digital, but I needed some instant gratification.

2.17.19 | Turchetti's Salumeria

Lately I haven’t been shooting as much, and I’ve delivered even less. I’m at this point in my journey with photography where the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. I’ve been hypercritical of not only my new photos, but a lot of my past work as well. The thing I find encouraging is that I see it as a sign of growth to be able to look back at old photos and realize they aren’t as good as you thought they were at the time. When I first started out I was overly confident, which is a trap I think a lot of new photographers fall into.

And so this past weekend Bryan was in town and I decided to shoot a roll of expired film, beginning with our morning coffee followed by a walk over to Turchetti’s Salumeria, my new favorite breakfast spot. It felt good to play around, to not care too much about the results. Because with film, especially expired film, there’s no guarantee any of it will turn out anyways. But if it does, the results are perfect.

1.31.19 | Bronica ETRsi + Ilford HP5 Plus 400

So not only have I started blogging, a couple days ago I shot my first ever roll of 120 film. I then had an immediate urge to develop it myself because I didn’t want to have to wait a week for someone else to do it, and so I bought everything I needed and hand processed it that night in my bathroom and kitchen. Today I learned how to use the flatbed scanner in the photo lab at work, and these are some of the results. A few of them I really missed focus on, but overall I love the way these look and feel. I can’t wait to shoot more.