2.17.19 | Turchetti's Salumeria

Lately I haven’t been shooting as much, and I’ve delivered even less. I’m at this point in my journey with photography where the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. I’ve been hypercritical of not only my new photos, but a lot of my past work as well. The thing I find encouraging is that I see it as a sign of growth to be able to look back at old photos and realize they aren’t as good as you thought they were at the time. When I first started out I was overly confident, which is a trap I think a lot of new photographers fall into.

And so this past weekend Bryan was in town and I decided to shoot a roll of expired film, beginning with our morning coffee followed by a walk over to Turchetti’s Salumeria, my new favorite breakfast spot. It felt good to play around, to not care too much about the results. Because with film, especially expired film, there’s no guarantee any of it will turn out anyways. But if it does, the results are perfect.